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Build complex Org Charts in seconds while simultaneously tracking changes to the corporate group over time.

Structure IT Software
Structure IT Software

build org charts

Enter data, copy and paste from excel, or import directly from SS.1. With our copying and importing functions eliminate data entry error and reduce data entry time.

Structure IT Software

track changes to group structure

When did they become a shareholder? When were those shares frozen? Why was this Trust created? Why was the building rolled to sisterco? Stop digging through archived files. Structure.IT tracks changes to the group over time and allows the user to enter additional information to further explain the reasoning and ongoing purpose of the group structure.

Structure IT Software

up to date org charts with a click

Enter entity information and then choose any point in time to view what the organizational structure was (or will be) at that date. Whether the user simply wants an up to date Org Chart for an entity with an offset year end, or whether step by step pictures are needed to visualize a potential restructure. Updating Org Charts has never been simpler.

Save Time, Eliminate Data Entry Error

What is the lowest hourly rate in your office? In an industry where salary is the largest expense, client expectations are at an all time high, and best practices are increasing file requirements, stop spending time moving around shapes in Microsoft. And stop searching through old reorgs for historical information, let Structure.IT do the building and tracking of your corporate groups.

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Structure IT Software
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Build Groups, Track Changes

Easily import, paste or enter shareholder data for Corporations, unit holder data for Partnerships and participant information for Joint Ventures. When a change occurs, enter the effective date of the change for that organization. The “Notes” will instantaneously track these changes to the group. With a click, create a new Org Chart.

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